I Graduated

It’s been two months since I graduated University completing the degree requirements to earn a BS in Biology and BA in Psychology.

The weeks leading up to the graduation ceremony I was not all that thrilled. Why you may ask? Well if you have recently graduated you may know what I am talking about.

I felt numb and disappointed.

My undergraduate career was the most challenging and difficult time of my life.

I had it all good up until that point, no problems. So why did life have to hit me so hard and so frequently when I needed things to go right the most? What’s there to celebrate about?

I made up my mind. I wasn’t going to go the ceremony.

However, just days before deadlines started approaching in preparation I decided to attend. The ceremony was not a celebration of earning the degrees it was a celebration and the closing of this chapter in my life. I went through hell during undergrad but I came back.

Not to mention I finally, finally, had my aha moment. (Better late than never)

Graduation now meant something different to me. It was a symbol of the personal changes I went through in undergrad life. The death of an old self and birth of a new outlook on life.

It was not easy and I battled many demons but I did survive against the odds.

Id like to encourage anyone going through strife to stick it though, as long as you are alive you can change your days and make the best out of any circumstance.

Congratulations to all the graduates of the Class of 2016!!!


We made it.



Late Bloomers Still Bloom

I have exactly 56 days until I graduate from university and to be quite honest I am just now getting excited about it. Last month I was not excited about celebrating my graduation nor was I planning to attend the ceremony. However, I have recently had an Aha moment. Yes! I spent these last 1.5 years questioning what it was I wanted to do with my life, and before that only having some vague idea. I was not necessarily lost career wise, but more so searching for that sign that just about everyone seemed to have gotten that made them sure of their future.

I recognized that not everything I have done has made me feel successful and that quite frankly that feeling of success is subjective. I could be the greatest painter and win awards for it but if I don’t love it, painting is nothing but a thing I do that people happen to like.

I have learned that everyone comes into the game differently. Everyone has their own agendas and own capabilities. I learned that there were somethings that could never be taught about the college experience. I learned from experience.

So, I will attend my graduation. Not for any other reason but because I know I gave it my all with what I had to give and I know that I am changed for the better. This ceremony will be a graduation of my mind, body and soul.