Real Reasons Why…We Don’t Lose the Weight #1

I, like many of you have struggled with weight loss. It’s hard work to get it off but even harder to keep it off. I have discovered somethings that really have helped me get over this fat loss hurdle that I would like to share. So this will be sort of like a series.

Reason #1

You are waiting.

Waiting for the winter, for the summer, waiting till your birthday or a vacation, waiting for someone you know to get married, waiting for class reunions, New Years, Mondays, after the holidays, waiting for your refund check, waiting till you can’t fit any of your pants, waiting for someone to say something, waiting for your friends or family to do it etcetera etcetera.

Just waiting….

To see how long you can deny the “my pants aren’t fitting”problem. We all know long term weight loss doesn’t happen fast, yet people wait and then run to buy the “get slim quick pills” that never seem to get old or work. Worse-yet they start to starve themselves and all this other self hate nonsense (fact is we need to eat to live people).

We wait and get upset when someone comments on our weight, meanwhile we know the pounds have been pilling up. We have just been trying to hide it from ourselves by acting like it doesn’t exist. Well guess what? That one you cant hide from, you carry with you everywhere you go.

Really, there is no reason to wait to lose weight!

You can start now.

Yeah like right now, just do 30 jumping jacks cause you can.


Day One : An Introduction

RiGG945ATIntroduce myself? I have not yet done that, did not know if I should. Reason being is that I have a hidden agenda. This blog serves as a personal challenge and source of outreach. I have multiple interests that I never want to lose. I was once a very shy girl who you couldn’t get to speak, now going on 23 years in a few days I have learned and experienced so much in life that I want to share. Also, since I have multiple interests I hope to be able to document my experiences. I am stepping out in a big way, challenging myself. I am changing who I am because I have been able to finally figure things out. I have become very sure of somethings and others I’m eager and willing to learn.
This blog will be a medley of beauty, health, wellness, self-exploration, fitness, sexuality, spirituality, peace and power. After all, I find they are all connected. I also will cover ways to get the best out of life and what you can do with your 20s. I’m all about free expression so lets not confine this blog too much but I believe we get the gist eh?

I would absolutely love to be asked questions to give advise to. I’m no expert but I have seen more in my life than most people ever should, however I pride myself in my escape and being able to keep myself upright and moving.

Why blog publicly? Well my identity is still secret isn’t it? I have many many journals that I keep and I fill them constantly, my mind gets flooded with thoughts at random times of the day. Absolutely brilliant ideas I tell you and it’s such a shame I never used to share. It would eventually bother me that I never put it out there, but instead kept it inside. I hope to change that.

I’d love to connect with women and men. Women, more so for reasons of shared experiences (since I am a woman). Hopefully, through the women some of these things can get reach men. In the case that Id target both audiences probably for advice on dating and how to understand and treat each other, and how to exude power in the right manner to get what you want in life.

“Chi” has multiple meanings that I will reveal in this blog on several occasions. I hope to be able to expose to people how our bodies and mind are connected, how we are much more than we often think of ourselves, and how to never settle for something we can change.