The Truth About Growing 4c Hair

I will be adding a portion to my blog that discusses natural hair, specifically the kind I’ve been blessed to deal with, the not so famous 4c category hair. Yes, I do believe in hair typing, because how else will other 4c natural girls find each other? See the definition of 4c hair curl pattern, there’s so many people who are  confused about what 4c really is, I think as 4c haired women we know our hair type before any chart came out to tell us. Reason being, we don’t see anything talking about our hair care, our hair doesn’t show up in commercials or in magazines, they don’t make weaves to mimic our hair (even still), being in between our next relaxer was not easy to disguise,  we try everything 4a/4b girl is doing and our hair still stays dry, grows up and out, does not form a curl and in our childhood we may have been called peazy or nappy headed, (who am I kidding we all experienced it). I think we know that we are on the other end of the spectrum. If you didn’t know 4c hair has also been categorized differently, as 4d or 4z type hair (I think the latter is more appropriate, being that we lack an obvious curl definition).

Texture Shot
*I like to describe my hair as kinky but then people want to say, oh me too. I have to explain, no my hair is tight coily, think those little springs inside of a slim pen. Though I also have straightish strands and a little looser definition in my crown, but it’s also less dense which plays a role in it appearing to be looser.

We are so misrepresented even with popular youtube vloggers such as Jouelzy, 4c Hair Chick, Glamfun etc. I don’t want to repeat what the others have said. I want to give the knitty gritty truth on how to deal with 4c hair on a DAILY yes daily basis. Not just on wash day, not just when it comes to styling etc. because lets be real; not everyone has time to twist their hair every night.

I want to share the realities of what I have learned since my big chop (second one) and what I am still struggling with currently. I am not sure exactly when I went natural the second time I believe it was in September 2013 however I have had so many struggles to get over all on my own. Right now I know somethings I have seen doing to prevent my hair from flourishing, simply from being lazy, but that’s not happening anymore.

So follow me on my reflections of lessons from my twa stage till now (still twa thank you shrinkage).