How to Have a Good Day

I’ve heard it too many times to count.

“ Today isn’t going to be a good day” or “Today is off to a bad start.”

I would glance at the time and think to myself, “It’s still morning!”.

I didn’t always used to do this. I would be the first one to declare a bad day before lunch time, breakfast even. For the smallest of reasons too, maybe I couldn’t find my right shoe or I had to wait for someone to finish delivering their newborn mammoth before I could use the bathroom.

Either way, there were too many random factors that would contribute to my day going “bad” and not enough things that I actively did to make my day go well.

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None of This is Perfect

I sometimes struggle with the thought of putting my fingers to a keyboard and writing whats on my mind. Not only is a blank slate beautifully open and up for individual interpretation but slightly intimidating.

I am done worrying about not measuring up to some invisible standard. To not feeling like someones expert or genius. A good friend once said to me, “so what”.

I now create the standards. No more waiting till the right moment to conquer things in my life. Now is all all I have and can be certain of.

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Late Bloomers Still Bloom

I have exactly 56 days until I graduate from university and to be quite honest I am just now getting excited about it. Last month I was not excited about celebrating my graduation nor was I planning to attend the ceremony. However, I have recently had an Aha moment. Yes! I spent these last 1.5 years questioning what it was I wanted to do with my life, and before that only having some vague idea. I was not necessarily lost career wise, but more so searching for that sign that just about everyone seemed to have gotten that made them sure of their future.

I recognized that not everything I have done has made me feel successful and that quite frankly that feeling of success is subjective. I could be the greatest painter and win awards for it but if I don’t love it, painting is nothing but a thing I do that people happen to like.

I have learned that everyone comes into the game differently. Everyone has their own agendas and own capabilities. I learned that there were somethings that could never be taught about the college experience. I learned from experience.

So, I will attend my graduation. Not for any other reason but because I know I gave it my all with what I had to give and I know that I am changed for the better. This ceremony will be a graduation of my mind, body and soul.

Minimalism on the Mind

Tis the season where  shopping in abundance is almost mandatory. In fact we live in a society where shopping has been made easy for us. We don’t even have to leave the house if we don’t want to; everything we want is just a click away .

Through the years, my idea of what the holidays were really about has changed. I went from saving my lunch money for a cute new handbag, to strictly asking for money or gift cards to shop with, to not wanting much but to be around my family.

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Real Reasons Why…We Don’t Lose the Weight #1

I, like many of you have struggled with weight loss. It’s hard work to get it off but even harder to keep it off. I have discovered somethings that really have helped me get over this fat loss hurdle that I would like to share. So this will be sort of like a series.

Reason #1

You are waiting.

Waiting for the winter, for the summer, waiting till your birthday or a vacation, waiting for someone you know to get married, waiting for class reunions, New Years, Mondays, after the holidays, waiting for your refund check, waiting till you can’t fit any of your pants, waiting for someone to say something, waiting for your friends or family to do it etcetera etcetera.

Just waiting….

To see how long you can deny the “my pants aren’t fitting”problem. We all know long term weight loss doesn’t happen fast, yet people wait and then run to buy the “get slim quick pills” that never seem to get old or work. Worse-yet they start to starve themselves and all this other self hate nonsense (fact is we need to eat to live people).

We wait and get upset when someone comments on our weight, meanwhile we know the pounds have been pilling up. We have just been trying to hide it from ourselves by acting like it doesn’t exist. Well guess what? That one you cant hide from, you carry with you everywhere you go.

Really, there is no reason to wait to lose weight!

You can start now.

Yeah like right now, just do 30 jumping jacks cause you can.

Real Reasons Why…We Don’t Lose the Weight #2

Reason #2

We want to start big.

For some of us the concept of eating right and exercising is brand new, while others may have come across this bridge before. Either way, I have found that a lot of people who try to lose weight (including myself) set large unrealistic goals/plans. For instance, Continue reading

A Conversation About the Nipple Movement

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Here is the video on Facebook that inspired this post and its corresponding article.

You know who would take offense to this the most? Other women. We have modesty ingrained in us whether from family or society.Cross your legs, wear pantyhose , don’t curse, excuse yourself, be seen not heard, be a nice girl, etc. Baring skin seems to go against all that we are taught. Sexy=Skin. The more skin, the more sex appeal, the more sex appeal the more “slutty” you are. Then we go into more complex things that upset me like “well look what she was wearing” if a perpetrator (usually male) attacks, whether rape or misconduct.
If we didn’t gauge women on a sexy-meter upon first look maybe it wouldn’t offend people when a woman has to breastfeed in public because her child is hungry and doesn’t have a mammoth blanket to shield her bosom.
Should it be dangerous to allow “immodest” women (nipple bearing and proud) to take part in our feeds?

Society has only sexualized the chest of one gender. This is why its understandable Social Media says female breasts “violates community” standards, they are only reflecting what society accepts to see outside closed doors. However, should Social Media be parenting what we share in this gender specific way?
Photo nudity does not offend me, nipples do not offend me. I think the issue Social Media has is the capture/ time capsule of “nakedness” that can easily be transported by all relevant means, therefore falling into a situation outside of confinements of its origin. Submission into the inter-web gives consent to anyone who can get a connection (including the underaged and employers).Simply not everyone has that foresight.
I find it inappropriate to be met with half naked men in public (pair shirtless with exposed boxer briefs and ass crack). While i am socially bound by bras and shirts that don’t show more than three-fourths inch of cleavage in order to satisfy a society that has done nothing but tell me how my “nakedness” (physical, verbal, emotional etc.) offends them, and shames me. All while men can speak their minds, bare their bodies, and call themselves bosses without being called “bitchy”.Women are looked at as meat, that’s the truth. However, men definitely have their own societal stigmas.

I am very curious as to how IG, Facebook and other social media sites go about setting limitations on the transgender community.
If you want to bare your breasts male or female I think you should be allowed to in certain places and instances. In my opinion, both male and female breasts can be sexualized, heck anything can be now a days. I say we all wear shirts for the most part, I am anti-bra though. Breasts were meant to swing, hit you in the face and lay wherever they fall. Free your breasts when you can, where you can, if you want to I say.

Where do you stand on the Nipple Movement?

Knowing Your Achilles

The Greek legend of Achilles is one I learned in high school. As the story goes, this hero was dipped head first while being held by the ankle in the River Styx by his mother Thetis at birth. The purpose was to make him immortal, however the ankle his mother held remained untouched by the water and therefore was vulnerable to harm. Ultimately, it was an arrow to this mortal ankle that lead to the demise of Achilles.

To this day “Achilles Heel” is used as a metaphor for vulnerability. Ultimately as I see it mortality was his weakness. As mortal human beings we all come with weaknesses.

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