How to have Nail Salon Summer Ready Pretty Pedicure at Home!

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Ancient Egypt is believed to be the birthplace of the pedicure.history-manicure-pedicure-3.1-800x800


How to Have Healthy Pretty Feet


It is important to note that proper foot care measures should be taken year round no matter what season. However I will be the first to admit that no other season requires as much display of foot skin as summer time does.

There are many reasons to skip the nail salon visits. Besides cost there are also safety/health issues. Being a scientifically inclined woman I would be doing myself a great disservice if I pretended there are no chances for micro-injuries or infections lurking at these salons. There are ways to minimize your risk but you cannot account for the hundreds of people that have been in the chair before you or the chemicals they use in their products, sanitation methods, or the nail technician that clips away at your body’s first line of defense: your skin/ cuticle. The chance of fungal and bacterial infections are high in places like this and a nick or cut here or there opens the door for direct entry into your bloodstream.

Lets take a short poll. How many of you have been to a nail salon and witnessed a disinfection and sterilization process of all tools used from the person before you that lasted longer than 20 minutes? How many of you have seen a medical grade autoclave in a nail salon? How many of you ask what the sterilization process and standards are?

A lot of nail salons use liquid disinfectants, but this method is only effective if nail technicians soak the instruments for around 20 minutes.

Fact: Hepatitis B, MRSA, and other bacterial infections are potentially life-threatening and can be picked up in salons​. You could be risking your life here. Continue reading