How to Have a Good Day

I’ve heard it too many times to count.

“ Today isn’t going to be a good day” or “Today is off to a bad start.”

I would glance at the time and think to myself, “It’s still morning!”.

I didn’t always used to do this. I would be the first one to declare a bad day before lunch time, breakfast even. For the smallest of reasons too, maybe I couldn’t find my right shoe or I had to wait for someone to finish delivering their newborn mammoth before I could use the bathroom.

Either way, there were too many random factors that would contribute to my day going “bad” and not enough things that I actively did to make my day go well.

So I gave myself the challenge of not saying “ Today is a bad day” for two months. Instead I would say to myself something like ”This thing is not a big enough situation to ruin my day” “This may not be how I want it to be but there’s room to turn this morning around”.

I made the decision to not carry the burden of an unpleasant incident and enlarge it to encompass the whole day ahead of me.

Shortly into that challenge I realized I had only a vague knowledge of what a “good day” was supposed to be. There was this jambalaya of things that would be nice if I got into the habit of doing daily, but I couldn’t say for sure that I could ever realistically do. Pretty much I haven’t seen it happen enough to know if it was actually feasible.

So I wrote a list (you know I love my lists), and titled it “My Ideal Day”

In this list I write times and activities that I would want to accomplish every day.

My list looked like this :


I had to familiarize myself with what a good day would be like so I had some baseline knowledge of the things that were immediately within my control to do daily.

This significantly improved my days, I start everyday with an intentions that are within my control.

What does your ideal day consist of?


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