Minimalism on the Mind

Tis the season where  shopping in abundance is almost mandatory. In fact we live in a society where shopping has been made easy for us. We don’t even have to leave the house if we don’t want to; everything we want is just a click away .

Through the years, my idea of what the holidays were really about has changed. I went from saving my lunch money for a cute new handbag, to strictly asking for money or gift cards to shop with, to not wanting much but to be around my family.

I believe my life experiences have gotten me to the point where I can agree that you can buy everything you want and still feel inadequate. Last year I learned about minimalism and I was drawn to it but mostly in awe of how people could live with so little. I quickly shrugged it off as something I could not do. For the past couple months I have been really aware of the choking feeling  I get when my room is a mess, or the frustration I experience when I need to clear off space or find something and the extra time I need to clean for company. Not only do I have a lot of things but I could not keep up with the maintenance of making my space appear orderly and not cluttered.

I even had friends come to me asking for things and hear comments like “Chi, you have something for everything.” I may not be ready to downsize by 99% but I have started on minimizing my shopping to just needs and loves. Things that I no longer need are going to friends, women’s shelters, thrift stores and in the trash. My focus is to be able to see past the marketing, consumerism and just live with things I love so I spend more energy enjoying the beauty of everything else.

3 thoughts on “Minimalism on the Mind

  1. Sometimes I feel like I have to own everything pretty that’s sold out there. When I see a friend with something real nice, my first thought goes like how come I dint see that in any store first, before I get a hold of myself and give the necessary compliments.

    I even give myself legitimate reasons for getting extra dresses or more shoes. I need to start being responsible buyer


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