Real Reasons Why…We Don’t Lose the Weight #2

Reason #2

We want to start big.

For some of us the concept of eating right and exercising is brand new, while others may have come across this bridge before. Either way, I have found that a lot of people who try to lose weight (including myself) set large unrealistic goals/plans. For instance,I tell myself I am going to run 6 miles a day at 5 am , then go to the gym for 3 hours everyday, only eat tuna and carrots and drink protein shakes. Some people may do this and it works for them, but do tell how someone who has never worked out before can commit to a 6 mile run every morning followed by a 3 hour gym session? On top of that I don’t even wake up till 5, I hate tuna and I have work I need to get ready for (all hypothetical btw). It would be more realistic for me to start simpler. I can maybe wake up at 5 am and go for a walk at 5:30, that I can do everyday and maybe one day a week I run until I can run twice a week and increase the days I run while giving myself a rest day. Instead of eating one meal, how about I meal prep on my rest day and pack really nutritious meals I will love. Instead of buying expensive protein shake I can get myself a nice pair of running shoes.

Now for people who have lost weight before and are not tackling newbie struggles, sometimes one can underestimate the amount of mental work involved in working out. They think “Oh Ive done this before piece of cake” and feel they have all the answers. Wrong. It is a humbling and empowering experience to get in touch with what your body can do/take and every time you fall off you need to take the time to reassess. Otherwise you will feel defeated by not being able to reach past achievements straight away and may become angry that your body is “betraying you” or worse, over exert and cause injury. Plus, you have a bigger fish to have shown you are capable of the work now lets work on maintaining your progress. You may want to take up a new hobby or take a class, something that engages you to learn something new. Maybe find a workout partner and volunteer to make the workout plans. Also, don’t look back. You are you currently, now, at this age, at this time in your life with all your current battles. You are slightly different from your past self so take the time to become acquainted.

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