July + August Favorites

Yay! My second ever Favorites post. Theres not much I have to favorite for the month of July so I decided to combine it with the month of August. I am actually hoping to keep this list very brief and leave the reviews for another post. Here we go!
1. Orange Blush

Specifically Revlons Just Pinched. It gives me life. Who knew!k2-_c382fbbd-81be-4dd8-add0-5d4e1c99bb54.v1

2.Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks.

I went crazy and bought 13 shades. I returned a few similar ones and I will review the ones I will keep soon.


3. Sephora.

Been spending a lot of time there lately.


4. Make up Period.

Primers, color correctors, foundations, etc. Just hauling.

5. Baby Foot Pedicure (review coming later)

Lets just say it was gross but the effects are REAL.


6. Ancient African Formula in Newark .

If you are ever in Jersey stop by she is located on Hasley street. There is also a website but theres so much more in Aminata’s store including the Mango Shea Butter and Gingerbread Whipped Shea Butter (I got both for my hair), beautiful soaps and dashikis, dresses, whole african outfits for both men and women, handmade backpacks and handbags. If you have anything you are looking for she most definately has it. You can give her a call and she can find a way to accommodate you.

Ancient African Formula
109 Halsey Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102

(973) 642-0023


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